Associations bring reputable and ethical professionals together to share resources, information, networking opportunities, and education surrounding issues that impact the receivables industry. Joining an association like RMAI lets you stay on top of new products, services, and innovations to help you to maintain a competitive edge. There is a lot of value in joining an industry association, and membership is a significant step on your professional development path. Here are 7 reasons you should join  a professional association.

1. Stay Current with Changes

Membership helps you keep a finger on the pulse of how the receivables industry is growing and changing. The resources available to members help individuals and businesses to stay on top of emerging trends, and the information needed to stay on the groundbreaking  of our industry. Member alerts, advisories, and news publications provide important information that can help guide business decisions and strategies and  ensure that processes and procedures are in accordance with the latest industry and regulatory changes.

2. Help Advocate For Your Industry 

Members can also become active with association advocacy efforts to help create positive change that benefits and strengthens the industry. Engaging in advocacy on behalf of an association provides a larger voice for the industry while drawing attention to important industry issues, helping to educate  legislators , and assisting in the development of best practices. Associations often have dedicated committees that provide information to members on how they can more effectively advocate publicly at the local, state, or federal levels. There may also be opportunities to advocate within the association’s membership, just reach out and get involved.

3. Alignment with Standards of Quality 

Reputation is everything in the business world. Joining a respected industry association shows  to others that you are committed to the guiding ethical principles, standards of best practice, and legal and regulatory requirements to which associations require members to adhere. This shared commitment creates a standardization for quality across the industry. When looking for vendors, service providers, and potential partners, search the membership rosters of your affiliate associations. Many professionals and businesses find benefit in working with fellow members who share their mutual commitment to standards and requirements put forth by an association. 

4. Help Grow Your Network

Membership opens the door to prospects and partnerships for you and your business. Your directory of industry resources expands exponentially once becoming a member of a highly engaged association. Frequent opportunities to attend meetings, webinars, conferences, and social events are available to those who want to take full advantage of the benefits they receive through the organization. Recently, associations have even been offering fresh ways  to engage members, including virtual networking events. By taking advantage of not only the educational but also social opportunities, you can develop professional relationships that will continually enhance your network of people and resources throughout your career.

5. Attend Conferences and Events

Conferences are a big perk of your membership with an association. They provide access to industry leaders, educational opportunities, and the chance to develop strong relationships with peers during social activities. Members usually receive a discount for registration and can take advantage of the opportunity to present on a panel or moderate a roundtable session. Networking events and planned social outings allow you to communicate and connect with like-minded professionals; make sure you grab these opportunities and be a part of the larger discussion and sharing of ideas. Get to know your industry peers and build your network; these connections will be your support system as you navigate new challenges, seek new ideas, and grow your business. 

6. Continue your Professional Development

Associations keep members informed and educated through continuing education offerings, webinars, and information sessions. Participating in these regular development opportunities helps professionals and businesses maintain compliance with regulatory changes as well as stay on top of breaking industry trends. Getting this information first as a member can give you a competitive edge over your competitors who don’t have the same access to evolving information. Some associations even offer certification programs that distinguish you or your business as a leader. Certification is a symbol of knowledge, professionalism, compliance, and dedication to upholding industry standards. 

7. Position Yourself As a Leader 

Genuine participation in the association is essential to the success you can gain from your membership. Many memberships include opportunities to submit articles for publication, volunteer at a conference, or become a mentor. Those with industry knowledge and expertise are encouraged to speak on a panel, facilitate a training session or webinar, or volunteer for a leadership position. Joining a committee will help you increase your knowledge of the organization and be part of a group of motivated individuals who are also committed to creating more value for association members. 

Each industry association has benefits that are particular to that organization, but overall, the broader benefits of membership cannot be overlooked. If you’re looking for opportunities to grow your brand and your business, joining an association should be at the top of your list! 

The Bureaus, Inc. values industry association memberships and participates in industry events around the globe to continue the growth and focus of compliance within our industry. We are an active member of ACA International and Receivables Management Association International (RMAI). We are proud to be an RMAI Certified Receivables Business and are further distinguished by our Vice President Marian Sangalang serving as President of RMAI in 2019 and a member of the RMAI Board of Directors since 2014. Our participation in industry associations, events, conferences, and webinars shows our dedication to the continued growth and success of the receivables industry.

About The Bureaus, Inc.

The Bureaus, Inc. is a master servicer for accounts receivable portfolios and a Certified Receivables Business (CRB) by the Receivables Management Association International. Using cutting edge technology, internally developed proprietary tools, and the vast expertise of its management team, we combine technological strategies with data mining capabilities to identify opportunities not usually found by other asset management firms. Our company was founded in 1928, and. is located in Northbrook, Illinois.