Receivables Management Master Servicer

The Bureaus, Inc. is a master servicer for non-performing receivables portfolios. Our experienced team has decades of diversity and expertise that make us different. We have created advanced technologies and proprietary analytical tools that continually help us improve the consumer experience while achieving business performance goals.

Committed to Compliance with RMAI Certification

Our team is committed to compliance and delivering a positive consumer experience. Members of our executive team have earned the Certified Receivables Compliance Professional (CRCP) designation. As an organization, The Bureaus, Inc. has earned the designation of Certified Receivables Business (CRB). This standard requires us to regularly demonstrate our compliance systems and processes to third-party auditors. We are proud to be active participants in RMAI as well as one of the first companies to become certified by RMAI.

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Account Recovery Services

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Cutting-Edge Technology

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Portfolio Acquisitions

We have comprehensive knowledge of non-performing receivables and have developed our proprietary technology and analytics to assist us in understanding the true value of portfolios. Using our advanced tools and more than 75 years of business experience, we assist clients with valuating, acquiring, and servicing consumer receivables portfolios originated as a variety of installment loans and revolving credit lines.

Account Recovery Services

As a master servicer for non-performing, charged-off receivables portfolios, The Bureaus, Inc. provides a full-service experience for our clients. Our proven partner network assists us with the recovery process and helps us to provide unmatched results for our creditor clients.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Bureaus, Inc. has developed proprietary technology and tools that assist us in the recovery of accounts. We continually seek ways to enhance the performance of each of our tools by refining our models and creating actionable intelligence from data analytics. Some of the tools we have created include: 

  • Net Present Value Calculator©
  • Faxx©
  • Legalease©

Our user experiences and feedback influence the future improvements and enhancements of many of the industry’s most popular technology suites. The Bureaus, Inc. works in tandem with multiple vendors to develop new technology solutions that benefit the entire ARM industry. Our team identified process inefficiencies associated with delivering account level documentation to our Service Providers and worked together to provide our Service Providers with a secure and user-friendly environment to retrieve file related documentation.

Data Security

Our first priority is to protect the data that is entrusted to us. Clients and consumers can trust that we implement strict protective measures and stringent data handling processes to protect confidential information and retain data integrity. We have a deep understanding of the complex regulations and requirements that surround privacy and data security. Our innovative technology solutions and administrative procedures are instrumental in maintaining a secure environment and protecting sensitive data.