The Bureaus, Inc. is now a proud sponsor of the Glenview Titans Fastpitch Association. The GTFA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1982 and devoted to competitive traveling fastpitch softball for players ages 8-16. The GFTA’s teams play in the North Suburban Fastpitch League.

“We know the importance of community contribution and this is a great way to be involved. GFTA’s values and ultimate goals provide an invaluable experience that goes beyond improving skills and we are proud to be a sponsor and I am proud to be a coach.” -Aristotle Sangalang, President

The Glenview Titans Fastpitch Association is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The Association maintains a strict code of conduct for all members and players. Their mission is providing a competitive, fun and rewarding experience in league and tournament play, including quality instruction, strategies, sportsmanship and teamwork. GTFA’s principals are based around the concept of “character counts” and being inclusive. The goal is to provide competitively experienced players who exhibit integrity and sportsmanship for the local high school softball programs. To learn more about the Glenview Titans Fastpitch Association, visit this page.

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