YouTube, which currently is the second most viewed website and search engine in the world, has become a great resource for account holders seeking answers about who companies like The Bureaus, Inc. are, what we do, and how we can help them resolve their accounts. Below are the five key reasons why our consumers are turning to YouTube for answers. 

1. Free and Easy To Use

Ease of use is more important than ever as a majority of account holders have shifted towards mobile-first web browsing. As we shifted our payments to allow online account resolution, our account holders have also relied more on our YouTube page for answers to their questions about our organization. As a totally free and mobile-accessible resource, YouTube provides our account holders with a more personal, engaged Bureaus experience. 

2. Available 24/7

The Bureaus understands the stress of working towards account resolution. With full-time jobs, having time during the day to call about your account is unrealistic. Our YouTube content provides our account holders with the peace of mind that any questions can be answered on their own time and when they feel comfortable exploring the many ways we can help. 

3. Connecting With The Audience

YouTube provides a unique opportunity to put a voice to The Bureaus family. Instead of reading about who we are, our channel provides our account holders with an inviting way to learn more about the company. The combination of audio and visual elements helps our consumers to connect and feel more comfortable that we are here to help. 

4. One-Stop-Shop

As more and more Americans consume content on YouTube, it gives our account holders a way to both answer any questions they may have and engage with their own social circles. With 74% of U.S. adults regularly using YouTube, it was important to us to make sure our account holders could quickly find answers to their main questions on a platform that they are already engaged and familiar with. 

5. Changing Digital Landscape

The next generation is already changing online engagement. A recent Pearson study found that nearly 60% of Gen Z prefers learning from YouTube, rather than from reading. With account holders shifting more towards an online-centric approach to shopping, social engagement, and learning, it is more important than ever that critical questions about account resolution can be researched on YouTube. 

YouTube provides an unrestricted way for our account holders to seek answers to their questions and is an important step to engaging with our audience that is turning more and more towards the popular social media site. To learn more about The Bureaus, Inc., our team, and our vision, visit our website and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn

About The Bureaus, Inc.

The Bureaus, Inc. is a master servicer for accounts receivable portfolios and a Certified Receivables Business (CRB) by the Receivables Management Association International. Using cutting-edge technology, internally developed proprietary tools, and the vast expertise of its management team, we combine technological strategies with data mining capabilities to identify opportunities not usually found by other asset management firms. The Bureaus was founded in 1928 and is located in Northbrook, Illinois.